Vue/Vuetify Prototyping enables developers to quickly prototype UIs of Vue/Vuetify-based applications. It’s more than a component library or framework in that every application and component can have its own application logic stored locally or reached via a URL (Each application and component can have its own “backend”).

CloudHaven is made possible through dynamic rendering of Vue/Vuetify UIs, supporting 90% of Vue/Vuetify programming model.

Applications can be created with CloudHaven-defined components from any organization (allowing near instant development collaboration among separate organizations)

Applications can be instantly published and available from the App Store to any CloudHaven user. Components and mixins can be published and are available from any organization to be instantly and dynamically included in any other organizations application or component.

Templates are available for quick starts as several tutorial videos below.

Also – UI applications/components are tightly integrated with

  • Internal messaging system (applications work inside messages)
  • First-come-first-serve workflow task queues (applications work inside tasks)
  • Calendar (applications work inside events)

CloudHaven differs from PreVue and OverVue in that it is an online service, not an Electron App, with collaboration and instant dynamic rendering paramount. Also, at some point, with a little hardening, these wouldn’t just be prototypes but actual production applications built dynamically with a high level of collaboration between organizations and user data managed centrally.

Contact Rich Vann at if you would like a 10 minute demo.

Tutorial Videos

App Creation Quick Start

Advanced Editing