CloudHaven vs Chatter, Yammer, …

There are several popular enterprise collaboration tools – SalesForce’s Chatter, Microsoft’s Yammer, Facebook’s Workplace and also Jive and Chanty. However, I don’t think they interoperate – the arrogantly exist in their own huge proprietary silos – a big downside.

One important notable aspect of these tools is that they are “tightly integrated” into applications – they aren’t just used as standalone applications. One aspect of being “tightly integrated” is that they enable context sensitive conversations attached to different pages, objects, or anything. This type of tight integration is one of the key features of CloudHaven but done better – in a vendor neutral, generic way – any CH application can seamlessly integrated this kind of context sensitive collaboration. Instead of emailing someone about a topic, the topic itself where it exists in an application has its own conversation right there. And the user maintains full control of their contribution to the conversation for the life of that contribution, as well as maintaining detailed permission/access control. Then it should be possible to search for, contribute to and manage these conversations directly or in the context of the topic where they occur in an application or as associated with an object like a file (x-ray, image, word doc,…) or simply as defined “topics”. The boundary between what is email and these types of conversations could disappear and be replaced by a universal, vendor-neutral communication mechanism with content that remains within the full control of the user and which is seamlessly integrated IN A CONTEXT-SENSITIVE WAY into any CloudHaven-based application (this could even be extended to non-CloudHaven apps with OAuth mechanisms as part of a migration path to CloudHaven).

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