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CloudHaven: Having developed many applications where collaboration was required among many large separate systems, Rich saw a number of recurring problems. Too many logins to manage or too many customer, partner, vendor, etc. portals. Disjointed user interfaces. Redundancies everywhere – in user management, user data, common collaboration systems (messaging, notifications, calendar) and many other user-oriented functions. In general, collaboration between systems was possible but often relatively difficult and/or complex or the result awkward.

CloudHaven believes the solution lies in changing the focus from “a system with many users” to “a user serviced by many systems”. Instead of having countless separate, proprietary, large applications silos, each with many users – a user has a single system of their own that other systems “plug into”. The backbone of the CloudHaven solution is it’s Dynamic Vue rendering engine (UI Eneing, which enables any system to “plug into” CloudHaven and dynamically present their UI while maintaining their own remote “back-end”. One cool innovation that popped out of this model – it’s now possible to create composite applications that can dynamically include components from other organizations – all presented seamlessly as if a single cohesive application.

This fundamental shift in focus offers MANY other possibilities:

  • Single login for all applications
  • Consolidated user management for all applications
  • Consolidated personal data with centralized management and absolute control
  • Consolidated messaging and other user collaboration, tightly integrated with any application
    (applications can be seamlessly embedded in content!)
  • Probably countless other advantages that will become evident

A prototype React version of CloudHaven was developed by a team of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA software engineering seniors as the basis for a year long capstone project for the 20/21 year. That led to Rich developing and launching the successful Vue-based system (register and use an alpha version now at https://system.cloudhaven.net).

The heart of CloudHaven is it’s dynamic Vue rendering engine. It works by taking a json structure (in a text blob), either stored locally in CloudHaven or retrieved from a registered URL,  and dynamically generating the corresponding Vue components. Currently only the Vuetify component library is supported (with a few additional components), but a Quasar version is on the roadmap. (A React version would also be feasible – for any React developers interested, please contact us).

CloudHaven is looking for additional Vue and node/mongodb developers who would like to contribute to CloudHaven or who can leverage all or part of the CloudHaven system in their own development efforts. Note that CloudHaven favors diversity-centric social enterprises, nonprofits or equitable-owned and democratically-governed organizations or worker cooperatives. If interested, please contact us with our contact form or email info@cloudhaven.net.

Additionally, CloudHaven would like to offer the right social impact-centric coding school, cooperative, etc. a substantial or even primary ownership role in this project/platform.

Feel reach out for a personal demo or a live chat about the system any time.

Cal Poly CIE SBDC/HotHouse
872 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Open Source
CloudHaven is an open source project under the MIT license.

Requests to join the team or other inquiries can be submitted through our contact form or by email ing info@cloudhaven.net.


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Creating the user-centric Internet

Our Team

Rich Vann


Rich has long career in software and cloud systems development in both technical and directing roles.  Rich also co-founded SheperdCMMS where he developed their NetSuite-based Field Service SuiteApp. Prior to Shepherd, Rich was VP of Engineering for Nuehealth, a SalesForce-based patient management system. Rich was the developer of the Surgical Recovery Suites System for automating outpatient surgery centers and was a core developer of the RootStock ERP/MRP system.