Feature Details


A “Users-First” Application Platform
where collaboration, personal data control and inter-app integration are paramount

Note – this page is very preliminary and needs a lot of work! (a lot more detail)

Personal Data Control

CloudHaven offers absolute personal data and privacy and control by means of data tokenization and sophisticated group permissions. Your data need never leave the CloudHaven platform.

Keep your eggs in one secure basket instead of thousands of baskets of varying security.

User-related Tools

CloudHaven offers common, universal user-related functions like messaging, file-sharing, calendars, alerts and more. You maintain full-control of your message, files, etc. because there is no concept of “sending” to another system – everything is shared via group permissions under your full control.


CloudHaven’s UIaaS enables rapid user-interface development, and is the key to making all other features of CloudHaven work. The UIaaS also enables data tokenization, as well as seamless integration of CloudHaven-native components with applications. The UIaaS offloads much of the UI development task including UI-related security concerns.


CloudHaven also offers seamless and easily implemented UI-integration between any combination of  personal data, messaging, file-sharing & viewing, applications and application components. The boundary between what is a message and what is an application component essentially disappears. 

Fraud Reduction

With every CloudHaven user identified, applications have better assurance that users are authentic, legitimate and trustworthy. Similarly, with every CloudHaven application vetted, every user has better assurance every CloudHaven-registered application is authentic, legitimate and trustworthy.

Better Security

With the CloudHaven model, subscribing applications never need be exposed directly to the Internet. Applications can connect to CloudHaven with a leased line or ultra secure VPN. Only CloudHaven’s UIaaS is actually exposed to the Internet. Users and applications no longer need worry about multiple points of security vulnerability across  multiple applications of varying security veracity.