The Users-First Application Platform
where collaboration, personal data control and inter-app integration are paramount
A “Users-First” Application Platform
where collaboration, personal data control and inter-app integration are paramount

Shifting Focus to the User

CloudHaven is a universal portal through which any application can be accessed and used in a consistent way. CloudHaven’s “User Interface as a Service” (UIaaS) is the core engine of this portal enabling:

  • rapid UI development
  • personal data control and privacy
  • universal collaboration capabilities
  • seamless UI integration of application and collaboration components.

Why CloudHaven?

The power of CloudHaven lies in how it holistically addresses these key issues:

  • Efficient application development
  • Inclusive and consolidated collaboration and communication
  • Personal data privacy and control
  • Seamless cross-vendor application integration
  • User-tailored and consistent User Interface design across applications
  • Single login and consolidated user management

Main Features


The UIaaS is the heart of CloudHaven. It acts as the low level presentation layer for applications enabling:
  1. Leveraged application development with a common infrastructure
  2. Universal Portal
  3. Personal Data Store (via “data tokenization” – see below)
  4. Seamless integrations of — CloudHaven-native components* with applications — Application components in other applications — Application components in CloudHaven collaboration content
* CloudHaven components include calendar, conversations, messaging, file-viewing, and custom plug-in componenents

Common Infrastructure

User-related infrastructure components have time and again been redundantly implemented in most applications. CloudHaven addresses this by providing and seamlessly integrating these components into CloudHaven-enabled applications.

  1. Authentication
  2. User Management
  3. Personal Data Store and related Management Tools
  4. UIaaS
  5. CloudHaven-native UI components
    — Conversations/Messaging (including context-sensitive)
    — Advanced File-viewing
    — Calendar
    — Alerts
    — Custom plug-in components

Personal Data Store

The foundation of CloudHaven’s Personal Data Store is “data-tokenization“, a feature of the UIaaS. The UIaaS acts as a wrapper around applications translating personal data incoming into tokens and then outgoing, replacing those tokens with the CloudHaven-stored personal data. A far greater level of privacy, security and control of users’ personal data can be achieved because that data may never need leave the CloudHaven system. And on the rare occasion it does, it’s usage is temporary and governed by a single robust data sharing agreement between CloudHaven and each vendor application.

Universal Collaboration

As a vendor-neutral platform with open membership, CloudHaven provides communication and collaboration to the widest audience. Moreover, the UIaaS, can seamlessly integrate its communication and collaboration components into applications and with context sensitivity. Access can be controlled by users, groups and applications. No longer are users trapped in proprietary systems hindering their ability to communicate or collaborate across technology silos.


Vendors can now develop applications that never “touch” the Internet and no longer need be concerned with its inherent security threats. Instead, vendor applications simply have a single connection to CloudHaven (which could be over a leased line or VPN for added security). Additionally, development managers can rest assured there are no security threats in a User Interface 100% handled by CloudHaven where security is a core competency and is regularly monitored and latest threats quickly addressed.


By reducing the relationship between users and apps from many-to-many to one-to-one, users and applications can tolerate more rigorous authentication and as well, identification and reputation can be certified.
(Note that CloudHaven cures the “yet-another-login” syndrome since you only need a single login for every CloudHaven-built application)

CloudHaven Data Tokenization

One key benefit of CloudHaven’s UIaaS is that it enables users to maintain the highest level of protection and control of their personal data while at the same time making it easy for applications to meet GDPR, HIPAA and other similar data regulatory compliance. This is accomplished through “data tokenization” (illustrated in the diagram on the right).

Now your personal data is never out of your sight being handled, exploited or even criminally exposed in thousands of applications with varying levels of security.

Owned by Everyone, for Everyone

In order to ensure vendor neutrality and garner the widest possible base of users, CloudHaven will be equitably-owned and democratically governed by it’s users and employees, in perpetuity. With a small membership fee, any user can become a member-owner of CloudHaven.

Coming Soon

CloudHaven is currently under development by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo software engineering seniors as a capstone project for the 20/21 academic year.