The vendor-neutral, common “user platform”.

Relieving developers from burden managing user data so they can focus on making great applications.

Traditional Cloud computing has many problems...

The Problem

For Applications:
  • Data-related regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, …)
  • Growing need for better integration between applications
  • Wasted effort a substantial redundant funcitonality
  • Growing barriers to user adoption

For Users

  • Data protection and privacy is required and difficult
  • Upper limit to logins, registrations, data-entry
  • Poor integration between proprietary applications
  • Poor collaboration between users (isolated systems)
  • Limit to the number of applications/UIs to learn


Solution: CloudHaven

The vendor-neutral, common “user platform”

Product: The CloudHaven User Platform


Absolute Personal Data Privacy & Control

CloudHaven offers absolute personal data and privacy and control by means of data tokenization and sophisticated group permissions. Your data need never leave the CloudHaven platform.

Keep your eggs in one secure basket instead of thousands of baskets of varying security or trustworthiness.

Messaging, Calendar, & File-sharing

CloudHaven offers common, universal user-related functions like messaging, file-sharing, calendars, alerts and more. You maintain full-control of your message, files, etc. because there is no concept of “sending” to another system – everything is shared via group permissions under your full control.


CloudHaven will offer a UIaaS for rapid application user-interface development, and more importantly, this is the key to making all other features of CloudHaven work. The UIaaS enables data tokenization, as well as seamless integration of application and CloudHaven-native components. The UIaaS offloads much of the UI development task including UI-related security concerns.

Seamless, Universal Collaboration

CloudHaven also offers seamless and easily implemented UI-integration between any combination of  personal data, messaging, file-sharing & viewing, applications and application components. The boundary between what is a message and what is an application component disappears!  The possibilities are almost limitless.

Fraud Reduction

With every CloudHaven user is identified, applications have better assurance that users are authentic, legitimate and trustworthy. Similarly, with every CloudHaven application vetted, every user has better assurance every CloudHaven-registered application is authentic, legitimate and trustworthy.

Better Security

With the CloudHaven model, subscribing applications never need be exposed to the inherently vulnerable Internet. Applications can connect to CloudHaven with a leased line or ultra secure VPN. Only CloudHaven’s UIaaS is actually exposed to the Internet. Users and applications no longer need worry multiple points of security vulnerability across  multiple applications of varying security veracity – security is our core competency!

CloudHaven Data Tokenization

Like “localization” but for personal data

Owned by Everyone, for Everyone

CloudHaven is a cooperative organization owned and governed by all users and employees, not by a small group of majority shareholders. Anyone who is properly identified can participate in CloudHaven by purchasing a share of ownership.

Coming Soon

CloudHaven is currently under development and looking for a core team of founders in many roles including technical, business development, evangelizing and security/data regulatory compliance.